Table of Scenes & every possible story point on a single page

Take a look at this quote:

I don’t to fuss around with this too much. The point of the table generator is to take what’s already in the Reports and display it in a convenient manner – nothing more, nothing less.

FYI - It now appears to work perfectly in Safari on the Mac including displaying the icons

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How did you import the reports into the tool?

I just go to the reports screen, click on the appropriate report, then highlight all the text and copy it. I then paste it into the appropriate field on the tool.

Is that what you meant?

Yes that is exactly what i mean thank you!

Bob, your scene generator is really good. However I’m having a slight problem with it, and this may be entirely my error in using it.
I loaded it up with the two reports from Casablanca and noticed the category of catalyst/cf doesn’t match the story engine report.
Could I be a pest and ask you if you could do a quick check for me? It probably is me doing something wrong, but I’d be grateful.

What does the Story Points Outline say, and what does the table say?

Thanks for replying.
For example, the MC throughline in the story points says critical flaw as ‘preconception’, and the table says ‘attitude’.

Could you make a screenshot of the table? Turn Elements of beforehand.
Then upload it here. That would help a lot in trying to fix the issue.

Sure, as you will see the inhibitor/cf don’t match with the story engine. Sorry to create this extra work for you. May I ask if you tried loading the casablanca file into the app at your end to see if it works differently on your machine?

Why didn’t you just say that Subjective Story, Main Character and Influence Character have the same Catalysts and Inhibitors? I fixed it now.

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Finally got a little time to trial this but it appears that the link is down. I am getting a 404 error. Could someone point me to where it is live.

Really looking forward to trying this out.



I noticed a few days ago that Google stopped supporting its hosting feature.

For the time being, you can find the thing right here.

Thanks for finding another place to host it, Bob. This thing is so awesome.

One minor nit-pick – when you select the layman’s terms the Variation State of Being becomes “State of Playing a Role”.

(I actually prefer the original terms except for Preconscious, Subconscious & Conscious under Fixed Attitude, which still confuse me – maybe I’ll just edit the HTML after it generates it!. :slight_smile: )

All right, picked that little nit.

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Thank you! Very much appreciated!

Yes thanks!! Although there was a sort of Dramatica inside joke quality to the phrase “State of Playing a Role”! :slight_smile:

Where has this tool been the whole time? My Lord! This is awesome.

Hi All, sorry to be a bother but the Scenes generator isn’t providing the graphics of Z or U or anyother progressions. Any fix for it? Thanks.