The PC Version of Dramatica Story Expert

Just wondering if there is any guess as to an expected release date for DSE Windows version?

I’m pretty new to Dramatica so sorry if I missed this information somewhere else.

Any progress or ETA for this? Back when the Dramatica Email List was still running, I used to pester Chris @chuntley all the time, asking when Dramatica 5 was coming… (this was before DSE for Mac).

Been using Dram Pro for a long time now, and it’s still VERY useful… but I’d like to see DSE for Windows so I can take full advantage of the Gists and other new features.

Plus, while Dram Pro is still very good in terms of functionality, it’s looking extremely dated at this point.

Please tell me a PC version is still in the works…

It is still in the works but a bit stalled at the moment. We ran into a technical problem that requires us to undo a lot of work we’ve done. Sorry for the delay.

I understand you’re having troubles right now, but can you let us know the ball-park idea as it looks at this time for the sale date for the Windows version of DSE?

It’s just that I was planning to finally get Dramatica Pro in a month or two, but now I’ve seen DSE over on YouTube and I really want to wait if it’s coming out in like 6 months or less. If that’s not realistic I’m thinking I’ll bite the bullet and go with Pro after all.

So, if we all promise to not take it as a promise - can you tell us how close to market you feel/think is realistic - at this time?

Thanks, Aedan

Unfortunately, no E.T.A. It is unlikely to happen before next year. :frowning:

Well, :frowning: - thanks for letting me know so quickly. I’ll just update later when it comes out. Please, please don’t give up.

Hi Chris, it’s July 2017… any ETA on DSE for PC. I’ve got $150 in my hot little hand.

Hi Chris, I would also like to know if DSE for PC is any closer to completion. Thanks so much for any info. I am newish to Dramatica Pro and DSE looks a lot easier to understand.

Not ignoring you PC folks. Stephen and I were just talking about what could make it happen last week. There may be some newer technology that may help us create a PC (and other) version(s) of Dramatica Story Expert. That said, do not hold your breath for a PC version any time soon – still.

Wow, Its been a year now, and no news on the wndows version. So sad. any Slowly the exitment is going down. I still want to see the day that Dramatica story expert apear on my windows screen. Please, tell us that day is close.

This will be the very last post whining about a PC version of Dramatica here on these boards. If you want to file a complaint, please contact support directly or start a Twitter account.