The PC Version of Dramatica Story Expert

Questions regarding the PC version of Dramatica Story Expert can be asked here.

You can run Mac programs on a PC.

Not really. I’ve tried. I’m very computer savvy, and I couldn’t even get the mac operating system to install - you have to set up this virtual desktop and it’s not easy. The Mac OS doesn’t like laptop graphics cards and such things. I lost hours trying to do it. It’s quite easy the other way around - to run a PC program on a Mac.

Oh. There was someone on the G+ group who had done it. That’s the limit to my experience.

Seems a bit redundant considering I already have Dramatica Pro… If I ever fall into possession of a Mac, I’ll look into it.

But that breaks the license on Mac OS and is ultimately illegal. There is no way to run DSE legally without a Mac, which is a shame, since the latest DSE is several years old and no PC version is in sight.

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Yes Yes Yes.

When is it being released?

Had my sister download the demo on her Mac. Nicer on the eyes and the story engine featuring all four throughlines is incredible.

Story Expert on PC would be a definite purchase for me.

As a professional software developer who also dabbles in writing, I would love to port DSE to PC. The theory is just so fascinating to me, and I know I would do the software justice.

It’s great when one can work on something one truly believes in.


In the past, emulating Mac on PC has been easy. Emulating PC on Mac has been easy. Emulating either on Linux has been easy (though in any case, it only works well with normal programs, not major games). Just my experience. I am looking forward to Story Expert on PC for sure. So, I second the Yes Yes Yes.

Easy does not equal legal. Apple is pretty explicit about only running their OS on their hardware.

And their OS is also very picky about internal components like graphics cards. It doesn’t like graphics cards in most PC laptops, for example.

I haven’t looked into it in awhile. Seems like everyone is virtual - working everything. Seems like you can do anything with a MAC or most anything with a PC, but it’s all a matter of whose sandbox you are playing in.

As far as PC Version of Dramatica Story Expert…

Are we looking forward to an update in general improving on the Story Expert for Mac?
Are there any previews about such things?
Is there any opportunity for requesting functionality?

I think those are good questions. :smile:

I would love to port DSE to Windows. Seriously. I have been a software engineer for twenty years (ten years of C++) and love Dramatica as well (or I wouldn’t be here).

No, we can’t patch Dramatica Pro. These story points ARE available in Dramatica Pro, just not in the Story Engine. Just go to the ALL DQS TOPICS topic list (for example), and scroll down until you get to the “More Story Points” section. All of the eight static plot points are available to choose for storyforming, or illustrate.

I would love for you to be able to but we’re halfway through the process and it is not something that can be readily be interrupted. Thanks for the offer, though!

Ah, OK. Too bad. I’ll just have to wait patiently with all the other Windows users, then.

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I saw this mentioned in your excellent post Always Be Writing.
It would be great if you would share a specific example of how you use Omnioutliner.

I’ve tried using it a few times and end up with a mess of story points, throughlines and encodings all over the place.

Sure. I have a big article planned about the Users Group Embroidery Meeting - but after that I’ll do a write-up of it. Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to seeing posts on both of those subjects.