Trying to understand PASS

PASS is a choice of assigning P/A/S/S to the scene in question.

I am not sure I understand the distinction between passive and active scenes. Are passive scenes, invitation to inhabit the world of the story, while active scenes are events that move the dynamics forward? In other words, is one related to movement within story and the other related to “letting the story breathe”? Does an active scene solve the mystery in the current Harry Potter book that the reader is reading and passive scene make the reader want to join Hogwarts?

Further, structural scenes seem related to Class / Type / Variation / Problem. Storytelling scenes seem to be about K/T/A/D. So structural scenes put us in touch with story elements?

Will a structural scene from

  • a western movie contain a dual between two gun slingers (genre)
  • Sherlock Holmes illustrate his deductive capacity (outside of the main case) (character),
  • Speed (the movie) will illustrate the bus that cannot go below 60 mph (plot)
  • game of thrones show the evils of war (theme)?

There is another distinction between the two described in the original article here.

  • Structural Scenes illustrate these four Events in terms of Character, Plot, Theme, and Genre.
  • Storytelling Scenes illustrate these four Events in terms of audience impact (KTAD)

So, Harry Potter showing loyalty to Dumbledore in the chamber of secrets is a structural scene, but Harry riding a Hippogriff in his care of magical creatures is a storytelling scene?

Can I make the choice of writing a structure / storytelling on a whim? What confounds me here is that the scenes have a function to deal with a conflict in relation to a concern. (Going back to my original scene, it is Learning / Fate. Can I really make it structural / storytelling without any other consideration? If a storytelling scene is removed without a loss in meaning, doesn’t that leave a hole in the Plot Sequence?

Can storytelling scenes be inserted on a whim within structural scenes just to linger around in the fantasy world further? Or do I need to assign a given scene from the PSR to either structure / storytelling?

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