Visualise the Storyform and Throughlines on a single page using a Mindmap

Sharing an approach on how to visualise all throughlines on 1 single page

To build a new story from scratch I often struggle to keep the throughlines separate. It can be confusing what piece of the story idea belongs where.

To make it more understandable what’s going in my story, I was experimenting a bit how I could visualise it.

I made a breakdown the of the story, starting from the goal and using the argument to show all throughlines beneath and on one single page.

For brainstorming and mind mapping I using an app (iThoughtsX) with an org-chart-structure. Notes I take also directly in the app.

The solution works pretty well for me as I can see on on page what’s the story about and what are the different throughlines are saying, doing, thinking …

Mindmap to visualise all Throughlines on one single page

Example using the Storyform of CASABLANCA

Colours: Objective (red), Main (blue), Influence (green) and Relationship (orange)

Mindmap of CASABLANCA as PDF

Dramatica Throughline Mindmap for Casablanca.pdf (150.8 KB)


I do a similar thing, but in a word document. Then I fill in what’s going on which covers each signpost or journey.

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Even though the other throughlines / signposts are not technically children of the OS, this is really great way to visualize it, @Gernot. Nice job! The Casablanca example is cool too.

I like your colours too, although I see OS as black and RS as purple… :slight_smile: