Google+ Going Bye Bye

Anyone who has been here long enough knows I love new tech - new apps, new forums, etc. This has generally resulted in me dragging everyone to different places - Hipchat, Convore, Google+, now here (Disqus) - but I have a feeling this one might stick–

–mainly because I own all the data. It’s not wrapped up in a platform…

…which brings me to the topic.

I just found out Google+ is going soon. Like next month.

I heard about it before - but it just hit me that I needed to download all the data from the Dramatica Writers community.

I think I got it all - just checking it now.

Just wanted to let everyone know in case they wanted to try and download anything special to them - stuff they relied on G+ to maintain for them. And if you had any personal stuff, to be sure to download it this weekend or fairly soon.

They make it easy enough to download an archive - but you actually have to do it!

Long term plans - so you know - is to drag all the info from other forums - Convore and G+ into here so it will be preserved for all time.


Well, this is funny…my first post on the Dramatica Writers community there.

Just found out I have to manually download each page…argh…so i’m going back through them one at a time.

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This one makes me :cry:

Sam wanted to do an analysis of It’s a Wonderful Life…(he passed away a couple of years ago)