Mentorship Program

Hi all,

I’m curious about the Mentorship Program with Jim Hull. Would you have to be in Los Angeles? Any sense of cost? Thanks.

Well, I spoke to Jim a few months ago and he knows I’m based in London so I think that would have been brought up if you’d have to be in America in order to take part of the mentorship program. In regards to price, I’ll leave that to Jim to get into.

Absolutely not an issue - I’ve had students everywhere from China to Australia to France to the Netherlands and to Moscow…:slight_smile: I’ve been WFH for four years now – Zoom is a second language to me.

If you’d like, I can put you in touch with other Mentorship students who will be able to answer all your questions.


Yes. Please do. I have more of a constant income. I think this would be beneficial for me.

Hello all,

I’m resurrecting this thread to ask if anyone could recommend to me a writing coach (that is also knowledgable of DSE).

I’ve looked through the Mentorship Program provided by @jhull, and while I’d love to sign-up for it, I simply don’t have the time. For several months I’ve been working over-time in a Covid-19 related job, and my situation will change when the pandemic ends. But, until then, I’m only able to write for about an hour 3x per week in the early morning. I really want to make the most of these precious hours, so I’m looking for a coach to help focus my efforts. Your recommendations are much appreciated!

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I think a bit more information will help.

What are you writing? How long have you been using Dramatica? Etc.

Hiya Joel,

Based on what you said, I’d highly recommend that you just use your writing time to write and that you don’t add the extra stress of a coaching situation. Trust your story instincts and when life settles down then see if you can give yourself the gift/reward of a coach when you have the bandwidth for coaching. Prolly not what you wanted to hear, but it’s my honest .02.


Hi @jassnip, good advice! I guess what I’m searching for is a coach to help me get the most out of my writing sessions, rather than provide me with exercises on writing. I’m thinking more of how a management coach operates within a corporation: someone who will help me work through issues, give feedback, and suggest ways forward.

@MWollaeger, I’m working on a novel and have used Dramatica over the past year (following along in Armando’s book) to develop an outline. The novel is a re-telling of Heart of Darkness set in modern day Syria.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

My advice at this point is generally: go do the writing.

Before you write, read your storyform over and remind yourself: okay, this person’s personal problem is ______. The OS Issue is ________-. Keep it all within mental reach so you know what story points are necessary in your writing, but don’t do more than that.

Writing and “thinking about writing” are poor bedmates. Working from a draft later, when you have time, will be a great time to involve Dramatica.