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When you can leave your house again without fear of being struck down by his terrible swift sword (okay, you’re always gonna be afraid, but anyway), wouldn’t it be nice to have a little hand held story composer that let’s you fiddle with your story all day long? Something real simple?

You know you want this. You want it bad. I’m prototyping it now.

Note, it’s not intended to compete with either Chris’s or Jim’s products. It’s more of a lightweight add on. Think of it like a pocket chess set. And you already kinda have to know Dramatica to use it, so I don’t expect it to make me rich LOL. It’s a labor of love. (*and it’s a great side project to make me use the hard parts of SwiftUI, Apple’s new declarative programming language).

I’m like Tinkerbell, you gotta applaud and give me love to encourage me to finish this. And I want to hear ideas for features, people.


Sounds fun. Is it for analyzing stories or writing one’s own story?

Writing your own story

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If anyone would like to be part of the development process, DM me your Apple ID and I’ll add you to the TestFlight beta. This means you’ll be able to download and play with versions I release on Apple TestFlight as I release them. TestFlight is an app you download from the App Store, and you’re notified of new versions as I release them, and TestFlight serves as a kind of ‘beta App Store’, where you go to download and install the app. It’s pretty easy.

The offer’s open to anyone on the forum.

Benefit: lifetime membership.

Who’s Chet?

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Oh! Whoops.

Chris. I’ll bet he’s had that happen before. Huntley-Brinkley report.

(Fixed in original post). @chuntley

LOVE seeing other points-of-view on how to leverage technology to write with Dramatica. I predict 2021 to be a very very fun year :slight_smile:


Yes, I hope so, too. Looks like it has the makings of it already…

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you are strong in the ways of the force.

Back when I was in elementary school I had a piano teacher after school that always used to (mistakenly) call me “Chet” instead of Chris. This was in the '60’s when Chet Huntley and David Brinkley were on the air. :slight_smile:


I just see this…

A shot of the workbench

Still playing with basic layout. I see the app as having a ‘drill down through the quads’ side, and then a more ‘pull it all together’ side. This is just the drill down stuff. Very rough. bad animations. Lots of layout problems. Still, progress. Happy to hear feedback.

Appreciate all the folks who want to join the beta. We’ll get the look and feel beta pretty soon. Anyone else who wants to join, just drop me a DM with your Apple ID and I’ll add you to the TestFlight testers list.

If you want to run this outside of Discuss, copy and paste the link to browser:

Made some progress today on how to make an ‘interactive elements’ screen showing different patterns applicable to the quad. This isn’t production ready code, and obviously one of the things I need to have is ‘assign the origin point for the pattern’ to Z, U and H patterns. But kind of like the look and feel. Waddya think? (I’m starting out by putting everything in that I’ve always wanted.)

Decided to just go ahead and write my Story Engine and PSR report parsers. There’s no way around it at this point …

wrote my own PSR parser tonight, not the prettiest code I’ve ever written but gets the job done.

Wrote the story engine and PSR parsers this morning, that only took about a day. Now I can read in the reports to configure the StoryEggy app for a storyform created in Dramatica Story Expert.

A couple of little movies about creating the PSR and Story Engine Parsers, then adding a share extension so you can upload your PSR and SE reports from your Files app.

(The app is still called StoryEggy. StoryBreaker snuck back in there because I had a GitHub crisis yesterday and had to restore from a prior commit.)

writing much better animations for the quad drill down, getting into the meaty stuff now.

Great stuff, man. Dramatica FTW!!